Your Audience – The Most Important Element

Your Audience!

Yes, I know, it’s a pretty bold statement.

Take a moment to think about how you feel as an Audience… Is this the biggie?..

I’d love to run a poll on this just to see what you think first,  because there are so many very important elements to choose from, let alone some of the lesser ones.  I have asked many audiences “What is the most important element ” and rarely do I get this answer.

Audience distractedThe image might give it away a little bit as you can see they don’t look like they are riveted on the speaker.
Your Audience is the most important element of all.  You will never entertain and or educate if there is no one to receive what you have to share, how you have to share and why you
have to share.

Let me explain…

  • No people equals no speech or presentation
  • No people equals no applause, or booing
  • No people equals no entertainment
  • No people equals no inspiration
  • No people equals no money
  • No people equals no purpose
  • No people equals no information
  • No people equals no persuasion
  • No people equals no message or lesson

You see, on the negative side there is nothing to do when you don’t have an audience.  It is very lonely and somewhat questionable delivering your performance to no one.

Your audiences, be it one or 100,000, is vital for your comments, speech, chat, play, performance or presentation to communicate your message.

Everything has an equal opposite…

Aside from the positives of the above.

Let’s look at the other side of your audience, the benefits. The benefits are many fold for you and for your audience so let’s explain this in some detail.

Ask questions

so you can get to know your audience. Find out who they are for example their age group, their profession/occupation, where they live – city, suburb, house, apartment etc., their status – single married with or with our children, their interests – sport, hobbies, movies, crafts, travel or activities, their challenges, concerns and goals, their knowledge of your topic, their numbers, their sex, religion, culture.  And so it goes on… You need to have a large list of questions that you need answers for before each presentation. These are just some aspects about your audience. Your list of questions may be different for each event.

✓ Now you will have information from your event organiser and in addition, you have information about your Audience. Time to develop your purpose for the presentation. Your purpose is essential for you to achieve the goals your client wants to achieve, what your Audience wants also what you want to achieve.

Your Audience

is essential for you to control your nervousness.  The combination of your focus, knowledge, purpose, experience, desire to be invited back, need to impress will be twofold. Firstly it will keep you focused on your goal to eliminate the pre-delivery nerves and secondly your focus being totally with your audience will prevent you from thinking about yourself and therefore you cannot be nervous whilst presenting.

Your focus

will need to be somewhere. So how does it sound if you choose to be in the moment and focus on what you can do for your audience rather than elsewhere? Altruism is a tremendous way of directing your full focus.

 The energy

and expectancy of your Audience will propel, support and lift your performance to an amazing level.  To experiment with this, deliver your talk to a video camera and then have the same talk videoed when you give it to a live audience, then observe the difference in your performance.


is created by those inspiring speakers who through their skills inspire people ( their Audience) to take action, to learn something new, or subsequently to adopt a different point of view.  The world is in a flux of development and change is at its core, therefore we must find ways to embrace change.

 Ergo the ego.

We all have an ego some more delicate than others but none the less we all have it. And the one thing all presenters love is a standing ovation. Applause is your first measure of how well you connected with your audience. It is their way of thanking you over and above paying you, therefore like a bonus.  A humbling morsel to be grateful for.

You have the responsibility of the lives of your audience in your hands whether you are selling a gizmo, rallying them to action, inspiring, educating, informing or entertaining.

Your Audience needs you as much as you need your audience and therefore you have to balance that relationship so all can benefit.


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Article by Terry

Over the years Terry has learned to be a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Business Owner/Manager, Trainer, Facilitator, Teacher, Sailor, Dancer, Worker, Gardener, Reader, Music Lover and someone who thoroughly enjoys helping people to become better. We are all evolving by learning all the time, how and what we choose to learn makes us who we become. The key to Terrys passionate and enthusiastic approach is savouring the experience of contributing to the growth, action and enjoyment of the individual with their career.


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