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World Champion of Public Speaking Dananjaya J Hettiarachchi for his anachronism balls at the recent master class. I thought it was very helpful so here is my overview


Belief – the B of balls… is based on your core values. It is demonstrated by what we do and who we are.  Therefore, it is something your audience will immediately pick up even if they can’t pinpoint what it is.

balls of beliefBelieving in who you are and what you stand for is important in life in general.  However, when you stand before an audience, you are perceived as a leader and therefore your audience look up to you and what you say.

Your beliefs are based on your values and these shine through with your stories, with your perceived confidence, even with your small mistakes.  Especially with your failures within your stories.

What you stand for, your character, I believe, is why your audience have decided to come to listen to you. This is where the selling part of speaking comes to the fore.  Your subject, your cause, your stories, your obsession, your career, even your product, pets, friends & family are the elements of what makes up your character.

Having absolute belief in what you are speaking about, or selling, or promoting for your audience is essential for you, and for your audience to accept and trust you in your efforts to help them decide to adopt your point of view.


Attitude – the A in Balls… Your attitude is everything. Some days you just don’t seem to be right or you have important issues on your mind, a backache, an argument with your partner or the idiot who bumped into you on your way to the event.

Whatever the distraction you cannot afford to have it as a thorn in the side of your presentation.balls of Attitude

Your quality of presentation must be foremost in your mind at the exclusion of everything else. To do this when things are not right then you need to apply your laser focus. Elevate your situation “attitude” to be able to totally give yourself full focus to deliver for your audience.

When you do this you produce enough adrenalin to remove the pain, to ignore the worries, to not think about other pressing matters.  The solution is simple – use your magnificent mind.

It is truly a fact that if you fully focus on one thing then you cannot think of another.  If you find yourself thinking of something else then you are not fully focused on what you are meant to be focusing on.

Being in the now, fully focused on the task at hand ” The Show Must Go On”  gives you your required attitude to perform at your best.  Over time you develop your persona/attitude and it becomes easy to switch it on on-demand.


Listen – the First L in Balls… To Listen is a developed skill and one of the most valuable skills you will ever possess.

Listening balls
Antony Gormley’s statue “Untitled [Listening],” Maygrove Peace Park
 I believe it is so vitally important to a person that you listen with your full engagement of mind and body

Do you people listen with the intent to begin formulation your answer/story or comment.

So many people listen and repeat to empathise but fail to process and understand what they have heard.

Many many people hear and don’t listen at all.

The 5 degrees of listening gives a guide to the levels involved.

I like to listen with the view to travel in their shoes through the conversation and reflect on the content. Then, eventually contribute when the time is right in such a way that will help the person to discover their own solution.



Learn – the second L in Balls. To Speak… is to teach, to sell, and to help others by inspiring, informing, entertaining or persuading. How on earth can we do this if we are not constantly learning more about people, life, and our particular skill?

learning about ballsMy father always said, “if you have lived the whole day without learning something then your day was wasted”.  A rule I have lived by for many a year.

To learn is important as it provides greater confidence, it is enjoyable and makes you an interesting and interested person and influences your life in so many positive ways.

Learning is a process of engaging, experimenting and taking action to gain the required experience.  You then can understand what you have learnt. The next level of learning, I believe, is to then teach what you have learnt. You can help another to fully understand what you have learned. This process compels you to learn your subject to a deeper level.



Sincerity – the S in Balls… Where do we find sincerity? It is defined as the absence of pretence, deceit and hypocrisy.  Is it any wonder we don’t connect with someone who isn’t sincere.

Look at the involved elements  – honesty, trustworthy, integrity, genuine, truthful, authentic, rigididge, true blue and from the heart.

All of us have a built in BS meter. I don’t think we really know how it works but it is very effective and we can mostly pick a fake within several seconds.  Realising your audience has this capability is good, but what is better, is having your own integrity and conviction to be sincere at all times.


When next you prepare for your presentation add balls in large quantity and be spectacular for your audience. Then lets all give a big thanks to Dananjaya J Hettiarachchi for his wisdom.


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Article by Terry

Over the years Terry has learned to be a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Business Owner/Manager, Trainer, Facilitator, Teacher, Sailor, Dancer, Worker, Gardener, Reader, Music Lover and someone who thoroughly enjoys helping people to become better. We are all evolving by learning all the time, how and what we choose to learn makes us who we become. The key to Terrys passionate and enthusiastic approach is savouring the experience of contributing to the growth, action and enjoyment of the individual with their career.

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