Patricia Fripp

Review of Patricia Fripp

Firstly my disclaimer is I may be a little biased as I have long been a fan of Patricia Fripp.Patricia Fripp

Company : FrippVT, Fripp & Associates &  XTRAcredits

Website: ,

Specialities: Hall of Fame keynote speaker, author, presentation skills authority, sales presentation training expert.

Overall Rank: 90/100


Having long been a fan of Patricia Fripp I need to keep my views as objective as possible.  Patricia Fripp has many very valuable skills in the speaking field.  She has been in the business for over 20 years. She has received many awards and acclaim for her skills. Her relentless pursuit of improving her skills of speaking and coaching has put her at the top in her field.


  • Always prepared
  • Evidenced by her smart and professional appearance
  • The logical sequence of her presentation
  • The analytical reasoning for the various elements she teaches
  • Very articulate with detailed specific use of the english language
  • Highly skilled with gestures and expression
  • Love the purpose of your premise.


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