The Gossip on Terry

The Gossip on Terry


G’day, I’m Terry, after many many years I have discovered I’m a helper/teacher.

Terry Barridge
Terry Barridge

This ‘about me‘ business feels a bit like bragging and I am uncomfortable with that so I have devised a simple structure to help Terry and you.  I ask the question and you get to learn the answer that’s rattling around in my head at that moment

As human beings, I believe we are all the same.  Similar to a computer system with different preferences depending on our background and experiences.  If you cut me I bleed.  If you stick me with a pin I feel pain.  I am blessed because I have a complete set of functioning limbs, I can breathe, feel, smell, taste, hear and see.  Also I believe we are all capable of change and of being what we want to be if we so choose and we take the appropriate actions.

Who am I?? Terry

Well that is what this is all about so please see above ⇧ and below ⟱, also here is a link to my LinkedIn profile for more detail about other interests as well

As a human being who lives, loves, eats, drinks, reads, dances, speaks out, sings, sails & loves my family & friends, my grandchildren, dogs, motorbikes, having fun, helping people & being in the moment…

Why am I doing this?

I have always felt there is more to living than the 9 to 5 grind.  Selling my time for money? No way, so I evolved from a tradesman to owning my first business.

‘,JOB’ stands for ‘Just Over Broke’…   I’m not too happy with that.


Even though work provides lots of satisfaction along the way.  I still feel I must continue to learn to be better, do more, have more and be more. Besides I and my family can spend money very fast so I need to continue to make money. I always wanted to become a public speaker so to do that I needed to be able to market myself.  Because I love to learn and I learnt to love to be a inspirational speaker.  Figuring I can keep learning other skills.

Why These Opportunities?

Trainer Terry Barridge
Trainer Terry Barridge

I love teaching or training or coaching or mentoring or facilitating or helping people to better themselves.

So I figure that I could have a few affiliate websites to earn some relatively passive dollars a month

At the same time learn how to raise a website to #1 organic search on Google.  I could use that skill to promote my speaking and coaching businesses. Thereby earning a few more dollars a month doing something I love to do.

I can also see there will be other ways this skill can help me help people and expand my range of services.

With a few dollars coming in each month I could live my other dream and fit some serious ocean sailing in along the way and visit exotic places I’ve never been before.  Take my grand children on exciting adventures.   Connecting with nature in a respectful way, meeting new people to help and enjoy.

Plus I have a couple of huge outrageous dreams I’d love to achieve sooner rather than later.

Where am I.. At or Heading? Here!

Now.. like most I have debt with bills to pay and possibly with more days behind me than in front of me. Regardless of money, I still help someone everyday to become better at something.

Terry the Sailor
Terry the Sailor

I help people and have been since my early 20’s maybe earlier.  Thats about 40 years doing things to help people. Something that gives so much satisfaction is addictive.

I join helper communities so I can have lots of support with like minded people,  Because I believe we can achieve more working together than we can working alone.

Would you like to make a difference? One of the communities I am involved with could help you.  If so check out my review page then you may decide to check out WA to create your free Starter membership.  This is one place where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like you, it’s where successful online affiliates make money.

When?  Now…

Right here and right now.  The past is history, the present is our gift and the future our hopes & dreams

Being a doer more than a dreamer I seem to be continually busy but, boy oh boy I can dream as well.  I have owned 3 businesses (all began as dreams).  This be my fourth but my first online business, so I am going through a massive learning curve now learning about online marketing.


So far I have been building a website, writing articles, teaching others the business principals that I know, publishing pages and posts, coaching, speaking, presenting.  The future holds more doing, like making videos and audios, giving, asking, making mistakes, uploading, building lists, outsourcing plus selling, marketing and helping. Isn’t it exciting?


No idea. I am simply learning each lesson and then doing exactly what I have to do.  I am continually making mistakes along the way.  Then I get advise and continue learning.  I have incredible certainty that by doing this I will succeed and if you choose to, you will too.  Whenever I have fleeting doubts I remind myself about my choices. And I love to have choices!!

It looks like I have a choice, either I work to build my dream doing what I love or I work for someone else to build their dream.

At 65 and starting again, Silly or Smart?

Again, I am Terry.  Congratulations for reading this far. If you wish, feel free to contact me or, if you ever need help you can always get in touch with me at  a link to my WA profile or via comments below



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