Free Public Speaking Tips

Free Public Speaking Tips

Effective public speaking tips on this page are in the form of a list. This list is what I believe are the more important elements in presentations and public speaking and are very usable in general conversations. Each one of these will link to a fuller explanation of the why, how, when, where and what of the individual elements of good public speaking tips.

public speaking tips
Make it a habit

My suggestion or gift, as I am inclined to use, is to take one element and use it several times, making sure you get specific feedback on your application of it, until you feel comfortable with your use and only then move to the next one. Step and repeat until you master them all.  You must put your stamp on them in your own way for them to be effective.  Doing a task each day for 30 days creates a habit and a good habit can pay dividends.

Your List of Tips

Making it a habit to focus on an aspect each month requires drive, persistence and the desire to develop your skill beyond the ordinary.  No matter how good you think you are or how good others say you are, good is not good enough.



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